Torino Peach
  Torino Peach Jade of Alps and River Po
  L&D Torino Peach Jade Series derive from Torino, which is domestically translated as “Turin”, located on the left bank of River Po with Alps surrounding the northwest of the city. Torino is famous for the Baroque, the Rococo and the Neoclassic French buildings, say, the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace), Palazzina di caccia di Stupinigi and Basilica di Superga.
  Torino will usher in its Peach Festival every July and L&D Torino Peach Jade is the peach raw stone delicately selected from Alps and River Po. The Peach wood is the treasure all over: its flowers can be mixed with tea and wine for beautifying the skin; its fruits can be eaten or used as a medicine and its trunk can be used for furniture or artworks, etc., so in China, Peach wood is likened to ward off evil or bring good luck, so during traditional Chinese holidays, the peach wood is highly favored by families for home decoration.
  (1) Product Value:
  L&D Torino Peach Jade Series adopt the multilayer and multitube fabric technology to represent the peach raw jade of the Alps and River Po, with the delicate and abundant textures and the white cloud belt in the cracks as well as the red rusts with stronger penetrability. The textures are so changeable with individual natural stone flavor and the rough style as well as the finely delicate and translucent lines of peach texture as if they were the jade belt in the jade and the wood in the stone, so it can be said that the jade is selected from the stone materials with better quality. The stone has the elegant and tasteful decoration effect, so refined and affectionate, as the optimal choice for the decoration of the high-end space.
  (2) Suitable design style: Modern, European classical, neo-classic, simplistic and elegant and other Multi-Style.
  (3) Suitable space: high-grade clubhouses, office buildings, villas, shopping malls and restaurants or hotels, etc.
  (4) Product Specifications and package: 800X800:3 tiles,53KG/case.


编号:LG8550C 规格:800×800
编号:LG8551C 规格:800×800
编号:LG8553C 规格:800×800
编号:LG8554C 规格:800×800
编号:LG8556C 规格:800×800
编号:LG8558C 规格:800×800


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